Avoid Lavera natural concealer!

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Avoid Lavera natural concealer!

Post by CindyM »

Eee by gum, let me tell ya, I'm fuming! 😡 Bought this Lavera natural concealer, thinking I'd landed on a good'un. Chose it because it was all 'natural ingredients, no talc'. Talc, if you don't know, is a right old nasty. It's been linked to cancer! 😱

Now, this concealer, it's not too shabby for tiny blemishes. But, and this is a big but, it's not what you'd call natural looking. I had these dark circles under my eyes, like a panda after a heavy night, and thought this would do the job. But oh no, love, it's not that simple.

It sort of hid my dark circles a bit, but let me tell ya, it dried up my under eyes something rotten! 😳 It went all cakey, making me look like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards... twice! I mean, I wanted to look fresh-faced, not like a grandma's well-worn sofa! 🛋️

Thought I'd brave it and go out. Came back horrified. Looked in the mirror and almost screamed! 😱 I'd hoped nobody noticed, but let's be real, love, they probably did! 😫

So, here's my warning, ducks. Don't go for it! This Lavera natural concealer might say it's natural, but it made me look like a wrinkly-eyed wreck! 👵 So if you value your dignity, give this one a wide berth. 😉
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