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Ban ALL cyclists at night!!!

Posted: November 20th, 2023
by Mojo
Don't get me wrong, I've no issue with a bit of eco-friendly transportation, but there's a time and place for everything. And in the pitch black, on bustling roads without so much as a headlamp, cyclists are nothing short of a menace.

These pedal-pushing, lycra-loving individuals are not only risking their own lives by navigating through the veil of night on two wheels, but they're putting motorists' lives at risk too. It takes only a moment's distraction to miss the shadowy figure of a cyclist emerging from the gloom, and in that split second, you’re slamming on your brakes, praying that the car behind you has equally good reflexes.

Most of the cyclists at night are mostly drug dealers anyway who are breezily pedalling from one den to another, shrouded in darkness and not abiding by any safety regulations. While we, law-abiding citizens, are left dodging these rogue riders.

What I'm calling for here is a need for accountability. If a motorist is unfortunate enough to collide with a cyclist who's as visible as a black cat on a moonless night, should they be held responsible? It's high time the blame starts shifting towards these reckless riders.

The bottom line? We need a government intervention. A ban on night-time cycling, or at least a stop to the persecution of drivers who, in self-defense, become embroiled in accidents with these invisible cyclists. Would you blame a boat for hitting an iceberg if the bloody thing was lurking beneath the surface, unseen until the last second? I think not.

I don’t care if you think my words are harsh, or if the politically correct brigade wants to chastise me for being unkind. This isn’t about being nice; it’s about being safe. So, to anyone reading this, I implore you to share your thoughts on this matter. Are you also tired of playing a dangerous game of hide and seek with cyclists in the dark?

Remember, folks, it's not about being anti-cyclist. It's about being pro-safety. There's nothing wrong with daylight cycling – it's just when the sun sets that my annoyance rises. Let's call out this dangerous behavior, and maybe, just maybe, we can bring about a safer reality for us all.

What say you... should we ban ALL cyclists at night?