Covid19 inquiry is a whitewash

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Covid19 inquiry is a whitewash

Post by Mojo »

Apparently, we're already over £100 million deep into this sham, and it's only just getting started.

IMO this inquiry is nothing more than a whitewash, masking the vile actions of our government and their lockdown nonsense. It's a smokescreen to justify their tight grip on our freedoms and liberties, all in the name of "public safety". And it's a vindication for the puppeteers of this charade, the so-called "scientific advisors" of SAGE.

Simply put, it's a disgusting abuse of power, and it's costing us a fortune.

This inquiry is now answering the questions that really need answering but just regurgitating the same stale, undemocratic narrative we've been spoon-fed throughout the pandemic. The narrative of "lockdowns save lives". What a load of rubbish! There's a wealth of scientific evidence that shows these measures were ineffective at curbing the transmission of viruses.

Lockdowns do nothing but cause more deaths, from other illnesses and conditions that are ignored in the face of the "greater threat". They've bulldozed our economy, scattered our society into fragments, and left us grappling in the chaos. It's a blight on our nation, and the ones responsible for it are getting off scot-free.

Instead of vindicating these villains, we should be dragging the chief medical officer and his cronies at SAGE into the dock. They're the real criminals here, the ones responsible for making the pandemic a lengthy nightmare with their draconian measures. These are not just misguided bureaucrats, these are sadistic murderers. The blood of those who lost their lives due to these measures stains their hands, and they should be held accountable.

So, what say you? Am I the only one seeing through this sham inquiry? Share your thoughts below. Let's expose this inquiry for the sham it is.

Remember, this isn't just about the money. This is about justice, about holding those responsible to account. This is about our future. And as long as this inquiry continues to whitewash the actions of those in power, none of us are safe.
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