ITV drama "Breathtaking" what a pile of crap!

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ITV drama "Breathtaking" what a pile of crap!

Post by Lucy »

Well, well, well, if it isn't yet another attempt by the powers that be to feed us a spoonful of sugar-coated manipulation, faux empathy and good old-fashioned propaganda. Have you heard? Our dear old ITV has taken it upon themselves to make a new drama about Covid-19. Yes, you heard that right. They are calling it "Breathtaking". 😒

Now, I don't know about you, but wasn't Covid-19 the time we all agree was best left in the dustbin of history? Yet, instead of letting the nation heal from the manufactured distress and surreal saga, they think it's the perfect time to relive it all. Through a drama no less! 🙄😡

You remember the time, don't you? How could you forget? The government and their pet scientific advisors at Sage seemed to be having a field day. They used every trick in their book to put the fear of God into us, painting the pandemic as the second coming of the Black Death. The propaganda machine was in full swing, churning out numbers and figures that would make even a seasoned accountant dizzy. All, it seemed, to experiment with their newest plaything: Lockdown!

Stripping us of our basic freedoms and liberties, they put us all under house arrest, watching gleefully as we shrank away from each other in fear. And now, they have the audacity to serve us a drama centered around this very period. A period best left forgotten. A period of nonsense. A period of our lives stolen from us. 😩

"Breathtaking", they call it. They say it's about doctors “under” strain during the pandemic. Oh, let's not forget that part. I do hope they include a scene where they all stop their oh-so-important work to clap for themselves. Kudos for the TikTok videos and their fabulous dance routines while countless people were turned away, left to die from other diseases because Covid-19 was the only medical concern that mattered. 😒

So, will you be watching this garish spectacle? This poor attempt at dramatization of a period that caused untold suffering? A period that we all wish to forget? Do you really want to relive those times through the distorting lens of a scripted drama? Let me know, I'm all ears. 🧐
Remember, history is written by the victors, and it seems they're trying to make sure they come out smelling like roses, one scripted drama at a time. #Breathtaking #COVID19Drama #NeverForget.
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