Review: Avoid Hummingbird Pro!

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Review: Avoid Hummingbird Pro!

Post by Damon »

Bought myself this Hummingbird Pro Wordpress plugin from WPMU DEV, see? Thought I'd give a leg up to me old website, especially since I run a Woocommerce site.

Now, I'm not a nincompoop. I set the thing up properly, ticked all the right boxes. But, blow me down if it didn't start causin' all sorts of cock-ups. One day it's a weird bug on me product page, next day it's the checkout page gone to the dogs. Customers tryin' to place orders and gettin' nowt but error messages.

Here's the kicker - even if you strip the thing down to its knickers, make it so it's barely doin' more than takin' up space, it still causes a ruckus.

And oh, the damage done. Because of this blasted plugin, I've lost more than 20 orders and it's run me up a bill of £400 in wasted ad spend. For a small operation like mine, that's a kick in the cods I can ill afford. This plugin was meant to improve my conversions not demolish them!

But wait, there's more. Decided to give their Smush Pro plugin a whirl, hoping for better luck. But no dice. The image compression and conversion to that fancy webp format is an absolute disaster. My beautiful images, transformed into pixelated monstrosities. It's a shame, a crying shame.

So, I'm done with it. Cancelling my WPMU Pro subscription as we speak. I'm through throwing good money after bad. Let this serve as a warning to others out there - steer clear of these plugins, or prepare for a ton of stress and loss of sales.

If there's anyone out there who's had similar misfortune, do share your experiences...
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