Stackable Honeycomb Gel Shoe lifts

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If you have ever wanted to be taller now is your chance with these great height increasing insoles! A pair of these honeycomb gel shoe lifts will give you extra height and comfort at the same time!
One Size fits all.
Made from high quality medical grade gel that absorbs shock and spread pressure across your foot.
Helps to ease strain and pressure off the Achilles tendon preventing injuries such as Achilles tendinitis.
The gel cushions and moulds to the shape of the foot whilst also elevating the heel of the foot increasing your height.
Stack layers on top of each other or take them away to help you reach the height that is most appropriate and comfortable for you.
Repositions and stabilizes your foot into a more natural position.
Orthotic support helps to correct biomechanical imbalances and pronation helping you to avoiding straining and injuring your feet.
Spreads the pressure that can build up underneath your heels to prevent heel pain.
Eases tension and tightness around the Achilles heel and plantar fascia helping you avoid Achilles pain and plantar fasciitis.
The gel these insoles are made from acts as a shock absorber t to cushion shock and prevent the shock from damaging your feet.
Can be quickly inserted into a number of shoes with ease.

1 review for Stackable Honeycomb Gel Shoe lifts

  1. Niel

    At first I didn’t really know what to make of these shoe lifts… I was a little bit skeptical at first if im gonna be honest… what I thought was that they would just push your heels out of your shoes.. or make your shoes really tight when wearing them and uncomfortable but in all the different shoes I have worn them in they have worked and they have been really comfortable.. in fact they have made my shoes even more comfortable. The soft gel means that all the shock which occurs when you run, walk or jump just simply goes away and they massage your feet… right ive not even started to talk about the height increase aspect of them yet.. well for me I got an extra 1.5inches out of them and you can see and feel the difference. Though mind you non of my mates even know about my little secret they are just clueless as to how iv gained so much height all of a sudden.. they have all put it down to a sudden super fast growth spurt. Overall I am so please I bought these insoles and would recommend them to anyone whether you just want to make your shoes more comfy or your looking to boost your height or confidence.

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