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Protect your knee with this lightweight functional knee support strap from BleachBlack.

  • 1x knee support which can be used on either the left or right leg.
  • Improves stability, mobility and encourages healthy function and usage of your knees to prevent injury.
  • Adjust the level of support and compression easily with the Velcro strap.
  • Restrict movement such as unnatural twisting of the knee joint which maybe harmful.
  • Compression helps to correct muscle imbalances which may contribute to injury.


If you have sustained a knee injury then wearing a knee support is one of the best ways to ease your pain and to boost your recovery. Knee supports use orthotic compression that helps to support your knee in a natural and comfortable position. Orthotic compression also help limits movement which might damage the knee and correct muscles imbalances which may cause extra strain on the knee joint which can cause further damage and injury.

The muscles and ligaments found in your knee will often be weakened after a injury to the knee. Often these muscles and ligaments will not be able to support and control the knee joint as before. For example those who have suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury will usually find that there knee are much more unstable this can prove dangerous as instability can result in further twisting and damage to the anterior cruciate ligament. However improving biomechanical and functional problems can help with a better faster recovery as well as protect the knee and prevent the injury from reoccurring.

Shock can often cause pain (often worsening arthritis symptoms) and damage to the knee and surrounding tissue, Often in sports their is a elevated level of shock from the increased physicality of sport. The menisci cartilage which is the natural shock absorbers found in your knees help to protect the knee joint from shock that can occur and damage your knees. However unnatural and sustained shock to the knee can cause this cartilage to wear away and weaken exposing your knee joint to this damaging shock. Continual shock to the knees can also cause what is known as patella tendonitis this is when the patella tendon that is found in your knee degenerates as small holes start to develop in the tendon tissue weakening the tendon and causing pain. If the level of shock out weighs your body’s ability to heal it self the degeneration of the patella tendon often gets worse along with the painful symptoms this is why it is so important to reduce shock to the knees and to give your patella tendon a chance to recover. Our knee supports help to limit shock form reaching and damaging your knees giving the menisci cartilage a helping hand and stopping shock from damaging the patellar tendon.


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