Metatarsal pads for ball of foot pain


If you are suffering from ball of foot pain then these metatarsal pads will provide your feet with extra support protection and comfort that you need!

1x metatarsal pad
One size fits all
Designed to help support the ball of foot and metatarsal bones in the correct position
Eases tension pressure and pain in and around the ball of the foot
Made from silicone gel that help spread pressure and prevent shock from causing damage
Lightweight and compact easing to ensure the pads do not bulk up your shoes or irritate your feet whilst wearing.
Easy to use, toe loop easily fits around your big toe to support your foot. Can be worn with or without shoes.
Ideal for treating metatarsalgia, hammer toes and Morton’s neuroma


Product Description

Metatarsalgia is the medical term used to describe pain in the ball of the foot. This pain can vary from mild to chronic depending upon how severe your metatarsalgia is and what is causing it to occur. If you have Metatarsalgia is usually caused by injury or trauma to your foot however there are lots of other things that can cause you to develop pain in the balls of your feet.

Common causes
If you have a Biomechanical imbalance in your feet when you run or walk such as over pronation you are at greatest risk of developing metatarsalgia. This is because biomechanical imbalances can place excessive pressure on the balls of your feet causing damage to the metatarsal bones resulting in pain.
Wearing tight ill fitting shoes can cause metatarsalgia to develop, tight fitting shoes will bunch up the toes and cause extra strain and pressure. If you wear ill fitting and tight shoes you are also more likely to develop other foot injuries as well such as bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.
Direct trauma or impact to the foot. Footballers are also more prone to developing this condition due to the increased risk of direct trauma or impact to the foot which can damage the metatarsal bones and cause pain.
Walking on hard surfaces for long periods is also another risk factor this is because of the extra shock and pressure that this can cause on your feet which can damage the soft tissue in your feet.
Obesity or sudden weight gain. Being overweight can cause extra pressure to build up underneath your feet which can cause damage and pain to develop.
Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, gout or swollen swollen joints in the foot.

The best treatment is to find out what is causing your pain and to treat the underlining causes. If you are unsure what is causing your foot pain it is recommended to go see your GP or a podiatrist who will be able to give you a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. One way to help prevent and treat this condition is to wear better fitting shoes that support your feet. Wearing shock absorbing insoles that stop shock from damaging the balls of your feet is also good idea. Metetarsal pads that support the balls of your feet is one of the best options when it comes to treating ball of foot pain. These pads fit attach onto your big toe and help to support the ball of your foot and protect it from shock and excessive pressure. Metatarsal pads alos work with the function of your feet to help prevent pronation problems from damaging your feet as well.


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