Insoles for arch pain


Suffering from arch pain? These insoles maybe just what your feet need to help ease your pain once and for all!

  • 1X pair of arch support insoles (1 left and 1 right footed insole).
  • Available in sizes 3-7 & 7-11. Can also be cut to size using the grid printed on them for a perfect fit.
  • Supports the arch and other key areas of your foot and positions these areas into a more natural positions to help prevent strain and injury.
  • Corrects pronation in your feet helping to prevent strain from over stretching and damaging your plantar fascia.
  • Absorbs shock and stops the build up of pressure underneath your feet.
  • Boost blood flow and eases foot and arch pain via orthotic compression.
  • Light weight and super simple to fit into any type of shoes.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can send them back to us within 30 days of receiving your order and we promise to send you a full refund. No questions asked.
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Product Description

If you are suffering from pain in the arch you maybe suffering from a common overuse injury known as plantar fasciiits. This injury is a result of overuse or repetitive damage to the plantar fascia ligament that makes up the arch of your foot. This ligament is responsible for supporting your arch and helping to pronate your foot when you walk.
Damage to the plantar fascia is usually caused by

  • Not stretching your feet properly before running or playing sports.
  • Biomechanical imbalances that affect your gait putting the plantar fascia under more pressure and strain.
  • Wearing poorly fitted shoes that do not properly support your feet.
  • Obesity or sudden weight gain causing unnatural pressure on the arches of your feet.
  • Running on hard surfaces without wearing shoes or insoles with adequate shock absorption.

When you have plantar fasciitis you will usually suffer from sharp stabbing pains in the arch of your foot. Pain is usually tender to the touch and will usually be worse first thing in the morning when you are taking your first steps of the day. Around the arch of the foot you may also have inflammation and your arches ability to function properly may also be inhibited which can worsen your plantar fasciitis. Wearing orthotic arch support insoles that take strain and pressure off the arch is one way to help treat plantar fasciitis. Orthotic insoles help to prevent common biomechanical imbalances from occurring by realigning your feet into a more natural position and making sure that your feet pronate properly when you walk.
Orthotic insoles also help to absorb shock and prevent shock from damaging your plantar fascia allowing your feet to make a full and proper recovery.

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3-7, 7-11


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