Gel heel lifts

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Be taller and also avoid nasty foot pain and injuries with these clever and discreet gel heel lifts which can make you taller in a matter of moments! Includes stacks which allow you to increase or decrease your height whenever you want.


  • One size fits all
  • 1 pair heel lifts (one for each foot)
  • Layer stack system lets you quaickly and easily change your heel height.
  • Light weight and breathable.
  • Easily correct leg length discrepancies.
  • Comfortable orthotic arch support- helps prevent foot cramps, pain and strain.
  • Shock absorbing gel – Makes sure that impact shock as your feet hit the ground when walking, running or jumping doesn’t harm your feet.

Product Description

Place these heel lifts in your shoes for extra height and comfort!

For height

Now you can be a couple inches taller as simple and as fast as just putting your shoes on! You can control just how much extra height you get out of these insoles with the layer stack system. Easily add or take away layer stacks from the heel to find the height that your are comfortable and happy with.

For comfort

Specially designed with built in orthotic support to help stabilize your improving foot function and overall stability to help prevent injury whilst wearing them.

The added orthotic support also helps to re-balance your feet correcting muscles imbalances which can place abnormal load and strain on your feet which can cause damage to the ligaments, tendons and tissues in your feet. The silicone gel that these insoles have been made from also helps to absorb shock and stop this shock from damaging your feet. The gel also helps to cushion your feet and spread pressure that often builds up underneath your heel, by spreading this pressure it can help to ease or stop heel pain.

Often height increasing insoles can be bulky, heavy to wear and to wide for normal shoes, however these gel lifts are light weight and can fit easily into virtually every different shoe type imaginable.

Try them today!

3 reviews for Gel heel lifts

  1. Jeff

    Great.. I was expecting them to increase my height as much as they did! Really pleased with them. I have tried the other type of height increasing insole before which where really to wide, a pain to wear didn’t really increase my height that much and cost lots too… but these beat them hand down.
    If your a bit confused about shoe sizing as there doesn’t seem to be any information about shoe sizes in the description let me explain what I found with them… they seemed to fit my size 10 shoes perfectly and then I placed them inside my brothers size 7 shoes and the insoles seemed to fit great for him as well. Going to buy another pair really soon.

  2. Robert Turner

    Who would have thought it that somethign so simple could do so much. I have been depressed just about all my life about how tall I am and I have tried virtually everything there is possible to make myself taller… bought a dozen or so books on how to grow taller (which by the way weren’t helpful one bit.. the only help they were at making me taller was when I piled them all up and stood on them).. iv done loads of stretches and ate all sorts of exotic food but to no avail. One day one of my friends said to me have you ever thought about just wearing high heels.. and me being a guy this wasn’t a option at all.. not unless I want o get laughed at down the pub… but it did get me thinking.. I looked online and came across elevator shoes and bought a pair even though they cost well over £100. I was not happy with the elevator shoes at all they were useless they were uncomfortable to wear, caused me to get blisters the heels were also really quite tall and obvious plus I was stuck with just wearing the same rather unfashionable shoes forever. I then looked on a couple more sites and found one that suggested some of these things and I am so happy I found these insoles! At a tenth of the cost of my elevator shoes they are far more comfortable to wear (haven’t had any foot aches or pains since wearing them, to be honest the insoles have actually made my feet a whole lot more comfortable now in my shoes!) I can swap them and put them into any of my cool and stylish shoes if I may say so myself and the best part is that you cant see them at all… to other people I’m just a normal TALL guy wearing normal shoes.. its my little secret! THESE INSOLES FOR ME HAVE BEEN A TOTAL GAME CHANGER! AND I AM NO LONGER ALL PARANOID ABOUT MY HEIGHT ANYMORE. ?

  3. Peter

    Good and comfortable to wear. My only complaints is that I need more stacks because one stack isn’t enough for me and you gotta buy more pairs to get more stacks which is unfortunate.

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