Footreviver Shock Absorbing Insoles


Built to help absorb shock when running. These insoles are perfect choice for any runner who is wanting to help stop shock from damaging their feet and lower limbs. Reduces foot fatigue aches and pain as well as many different injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, and knee tendinitis.

Main features:

  • One size fits all. Can be cut to preferred size using the guide printed on the insoles.
  • Made from high quality medical grade materials for the best comfort and shock absorption.
  • Super lightweight makes them perfect for running in.
  • Repositions and realigns your feet when you run to ensure you run more naturally with less strain.
  • Arch support helps to correct biomechanical imbalances such as over pronation and supination that can lead to foot injuries.

Product Description

Some of the features of these insoles…

Shock absorption

These insole are perfect for runners as they are designed to protect your feet from damaging shock by depleting shock and impact forces as your feet hit the ground from damaging your feet as you run. Shock absorption is important as it stops shock from traveling up through your legs and causing damage to other parts of your body such as your knee ligaments. Continual shock whilst running has been linked to the gradual degeneration of tendons in your knee this is know as Patella Tendonitis which can eventually cause sever knee pain and lack of mobility in the knee joint.

Improves function and stability of your feet!

These orthotics also help to give your feet better stability and can help to improve control and function of your feet which can reduce strain and minimize risk of injury. In turn better foot stability and positioning can help to correct unnatural loads and pressure from occurring which can cause damage to your feet, shins, knees and even your back.

Arch support

Lack of arch support can cause tightness and excessive strain on the arch/ which can cause you to be at much higher risk of overusing and inflaming you arches (plantar fasciitis) but with the added arch support these insoles have the strain and tension is reduced.

Injury to the arches and other parts of your foot can also be caused by issues such as biomechnical imbalances, poor foot positioning and function such as over or under pronation of the foot as you walk however these insoles help to improve how you walk and correct biomechanical imbalances which can cause injuries. By correcting underlining causes to injuries such as these you help to stop an injury reoccurring.

Eases heel pain

The build up of pressure under your heels is one of the main causes of heel pain. These insoles are designed to actively cushion your heels and spread pressure which can build up underneath your heels.

Cut to the shoe size you want easily.

Comfortable to wear with a lightweight and breathable design which helps to ventilate your feet.


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