Arch support insoles for plantar fasciitis


If you have plantar fasciits a pair of our arch support insoles may just be what your feet need.

The main features of these insoles are as follows:
-Uses orthotic arch support to help prevent strain and pressure on the arch of your foot. This helps to prevent overuse of the plantar fascia and prevent plantar fasciitis and other foot injuries.
-Repositions and realigns key ligaments and bones in your foot helping you to walk correctly.
-Made from shock absorbing materials that absorb shock and prevent shock from harming your feet and lower limbs.
-Stop foot fatigue. Orthotic compression and motion control technology helps you to walk more efficiently reducing unnecessary strain or movement on your feet. This allows you to stay on your feet longer without your feet aching or becoming fatigued.
-In built heel cup helps to stabilize your heel and foot preventing you from twisting or moving your foot or ankle in a way that could damage it. This feature makes these insoles perfect for ankle instability as well as injuries such as ankle tendinitis.
-Prevents your excessive pronation when you walk which is a leading cause of plantar fasciitis and other foot related injuries.

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Experiencing pain in the arch and heel of your footl ? It could be a sign of a foot injury called plantar fasciitis. One thing that can help out as a remedy for this issue, rather than buying a new pair of running shoes, is to grab a pair of replacement shoe insoles that will give your feet the right kind of support. The insoles that are best for this affliction are ones which will help realign your feet helping to offset the effects of plantar fasciitis, provide comfort and the support that your foot needs. So as to provide support these insoles are supposed to be utilised along with a shoe. In this article we will have a look at finding the ones which deliver the very best support and protection to your feet.

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis gets its name from the fascia ligament that it affects–the connective tissue that stretches from the toes to the heel. The plantar fascia is responsible for supporting and protecting your foot from damage and shock when you walk. Too much stress on that tissue causes overtightening, tearing, and inflammation. When that connective tissue becomes inflamed fasciitis sets in.

Plantar Fasciitis can be brought on by quite a few things different things. Including having flat feet or simply changing footwear to a type that your feet are not accustomed to may cause it.

Even though there are many different contributing factors to this foot injury it is excessive pronation of the feet that is the most common cause.

When the foot strikes the ground its is designed to absorb and help dissipate the shock of impact. Pronation of the foot follows that so it can help adapt to shape of contour of the ground.  The heel raises, and also the foot supinates creating a lever which helps propel our foot froward.
Foot Pronation (foot rotating downward or inward) and supination (foot rotating outward or upward) are regular and required movements for good function through the gait cycle. All feet need to pronate to be able to lessen the forces which the body needs to address during running or walking, and to create.
Alot of runners get told that their injury is due to overpronation.  A fast and easy way of seeing if you overpronate, is to look at the underside of your shoes for signs of wear. If the majority of the wear is on the sole close to the ball of their foot and close to the toe, then there is a probability that you overpronate. You may see your shoes tip inward if this is the case.

Excessive pronation of the feet can cause considerable stress on the plantar fascia and make it more susceptible to becoming overstretched and inflamed resulting inplantar fasciitis.

How insoles can help with plantar fasciitis?
Takes strain off your arch. Inbuilt arch support added to orthotic insoles help to take as much strain off your arches as possible helping to boost your recovery and prevent further damage to the arch.

Corrects pronation in your feet helping you to walk better. Orthotic insoles are specially designed to correct pronation in your feet and restore biomechanical imbalance reducing the stress on the plantar fascia.

Protects your feet from shock. When the plantar fascia is damaged its ability to support and protect the foot from shock is stopped. Orthotic insoles help to give your feet support and protection from shock whilst your feet recover.

Stops plantar fasciitis from coming back. Orthotic insoles help to treat underlining causes such as excessive pronation from occurring this make sures that your plantar fascitis does not return when your feet have healed.

Orthotic insoles also help to protect and support the foot in the places that they need it the most to help you get you on your feet faster.

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