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  • Made from stretchy and durable latex
  • 3x resistance bands with 30lb resistance per band.
  • If you are not totally happy with the resistance bands simply return them to the return address within 30days of receiving the bands and email us letting us know you wish to return the item and you will get all of your money back with no questions asked!


The trick to big muscles is not necessarily how much you can press on the bench press but how much blood and growth hormone has entered your muscles which is largely down to how much exercise you do.. Resistance bands are great and easy exercise that can help you gain big muscles but also help with cardio health too! Resistance Bands are great for a full body workout no matter how fit you are you still need to do regular resistance training to maintain mobility and subtlety of your muscles. Resistances training helps also to encourage a habit of good posture and correct natural form which is vitally important to avoid injury!

If you have already injured yourself these bands can be great for helping your body rehabilitate and regain mobility and strength. Injury can weaken muscles and ligaments in your body and make them less resistant to force and much more sustainable to injury as a result. This means gradually rebuilding strength in the injured ligaments and muscles groups is crucially important for a quick and efficient recovery.
By keeping things simple and doing a couple minutes of exercise with resistance bands day by day you can help with your recovery ten fold and instead of jumping straight into exercises which may cause too much stress and over stretching of your weakened muscles and ligaments which could potentially cause damage and hamper your recovers by gradually building up your strength again you run a much lower risk of reoccurring injuries and finding yourself back where you started!

Resistance bands also help cardio health! By using resistance bands of a lower resistance but increasing the rep count you can give your heart a full workout helping to improve the health and efficiency of your heart (TIP you can measure your success by recording your resting heart rate before exercise and after and then doing so again and comparing the results after a couple weeks doing resistances band training).

2 reviews for 30lb Resistance bands

  1. Mike

    Got a set of these for Christmas and have been using them everyday since and they have really helped me.. with weight training I hit a barrier and couldn’t seem to improve my bench press past a certain level no matter how hard I pushed myself.. but after doing some arm exercises with these constantly I have been able to recently smash through that barrier and can now actually bench press more. I actually prefer doing exercises with these bands over weight lifting. I have also noticed that my joints seem more flexible and have better movement in my arms.

  2. Peter

    Who would of thought that these kind of simple bands would absolutely wreck my muscles (in a good way) after using them.. My arms still really ache days after exercising with them.. in my opinion you put your muscles through a lot more with these bands than with weights I have also heard that they are better than using big gym machine equipment because the bands exercise all your muscles rather than just a few so no muscles imbalances. Very good bands 5 tars from me.

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