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The arch of your foot is supported by a ligament called the plantar fascia that stretches across the sole of your foot and is needed to shift weight during the gait cycle. When the plantar fascia is consistently put under too much pressure it can become overstretched and damaged. This can cause a painful foot injury called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis can cause mild to severe foot and heel pain depending upon how damaged the plantar fascia is.

Damage to the plantar fascia is often caused by a number of different factors.
wearing ill fitting shoes, obesity aswell as biomechanical imbalances such as over pronation which all cause excessive pressure on the arch of your foot.

Plantar fasciitis insoles help to take the strain off your arches when you walk easing foot pain and preventing further damage to the plantar fascia whilst your foot heals. These types of insoles also help to correct common biomechanical imbalances such as overpronation and supination from damaging your feet when you walk, helping to make sure that your plantar fasciitis does not come back.

All of these insoles found here come with the Bleablack 30 day money back guarantee. This means that if for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with insoles, you can return them using the return address found on your delivery along with a note explaining who you are. We will then give you a full refund no questions asked!

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