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      Hello guys I Was wondering if anyone could shed a light on this for me. I am currently building a pc (well getting Pcspecialist to build it for me) that I will be using to do graphic design in photoshop and illustrator and also be able to play games on as well. What I want to know is which one is better, an AMD or intel processor? Also what about using an AMD processor such as the Ryzen 7 1800 with a nvidia gtx graphics card is a good idea or if using both an AMD processor and graphics card would be give me more optimum performance?

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      @Gary I should not think that this would pose any problems in terms of performance although in terms of price you may find that having an AMD processor will get you more bang for your buck. For example for around the same price of Intel’s cheapest 8-core processor you can actually buy a ryzen 7 cpu and have money leftover to buy nvidia’s 1080 ti. But if I was you I would actually hold out from building anything at the moment and wait for AMDS newest card to come out the AMD Vega GPU because it is rumoured that this card will will be faster than nvidia’s 1080 ti graphics card and will use high bandwidth cache meaning you are not limited to just the graphics card memory for games thus the possibilities are going to be endless… Hope this helps 🙂

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      James is right now is not the right time to be building a new computer. In my opinion if I was you I would hold off from building a new computer because Amds new Vega graphics card is going to be released sometime in may and it is speculated that it is going to cost less then nvidia’s new 1080ti graphics cards will use high bandwidth cache, is designed to be more efficient than nvidia’s graphics cars by only rendering out polygons in games that you can see rather than rendering out everything and will be able to play 4k games at 60-70fps. Thus it is safe to say that the future is vega and not nvidia any more. Even if Vega doesn’t live up to all the rumours circulating about it, the card will still push nvidia’s prices down.

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