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      I am a horse rider.
      Recently I have started getting really bad knee pain. After I have ridden, about 5 or so hours later, my knees start to really ache and hurt to the point I’m on the verge of tears, they also ‘pop’ out if I bend my legs especially when wearing long boots and I frequently get cramps and dead legs. This only happens if I’ve ridden during the day and I was told by a doctor it was due to loose ligaments, but think it might be something else.
      I wondered if anyone had a similar problem and what they’ve done to help it or anyways I can reduce the pain as really do not want to stop riding!!

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      Not had that sort of pain. Ask doc if physio or pilates would help?

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      I ride horses too… this might not be much help but I have chondromalacia in my knee and riding does make it worse. I find some saddles are worse than others – treeless seem to be the most comfortable. Also, try different stirrup lengths and even different stirrups. Plenty of riding without stirrups when possible tends to reduce the pain too. I’ve taken to wearing a neoprene brace on bad days. Also ask your GP for at least a physio referral, if not a proper investigation.

      Also without being rude, how old are you?

      My son has osgood schlatters disease and if he rides short for jumping he gets knee pain. He had physio to strengthen his quads and hamstrings.

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        I’m 18, it happens after any sort of riding whether it be a walk round the woods or a jumping session.

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      OP please go back to your doctors and ask for a physio referral. Good physios are excellent, they can assess your knee and give treatment and exercises. Or see if you need further tests.
      Sadly in my experience, the nhs physio was worse than useless and ended up having me in every other day to tape my knee up and referred me to an orthopedic surgeon as my knee deteriorated massively under her care! I was lucky enough to afford a private physio who sorted my knee completely. But you may be lucky and get a good one.

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      You need a referral to find out what’s going on. Is your patella actually displacing? Are you hyper mobile? Have you got those springy stirrups? They really helped a mate with arthritis.

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        Id day it’s more the joint itself, almost like it’s dislocating and yes I am hyper mobile. I invested in a pair of free jumps and they have really helped reduce the pain I get but it’s still bad!

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      My patella displaced as a result of the NHS physios exercises and when I left a message that the exercises were hurting and told to carry on regardless my knee blew up like a balloon and was extremely painful!
      My private physio said I’m a little hypermobile if I do my exercises regularly I get no pain at all. The physio should look at you moving and see what makes you need to build to hold your everything in your knee in the right place. Also, I needed to build my glutes, which impact on your knee.

      Sorry, I am going on about my experience but I want to emphasize how essential it is to get a good physio they will help so much.

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