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      I’ve always suffered from low blood pressure, it’s either on the very low end of normal or dips into what the doctors consider a bit too low, but they never seem particularly bothered and say it’s preferable to high blood pressure. Ive always gone very light headed when I stand up, whether from sitting or lying down but this has got noticeably worse over the last 12 months and I now get a few moments of blackness when I stand and feel like I’m very close to fainting. I find if I close my eyes on standing for a moment and drop my head, I can sort myself out. Occasionally I have to get back down quickly.

      I also struggle to stand upright, inactive, for any period of time. If I have to stand up and not move for more than a minute or so, I feel faint and a bit weird/panicky. I end up having to move, walk away or try and sit down. I generally feel better once I move a bit, but equally, if I do too much- I feel very faint again. I can’t tolerate much exercise at all-Im not overweight and I certainly don’t consider myself unfit because of what I do on a daily basis, but just a short walk and I’m dripping with sweat, red in the face and feel faint. I have the same problem riding, so I have to spend a lot of time walking to recover in between bursts of trot and canter. It’s been this way for many years, but I think it’s starting to get a bit worse and I don’t seem to recover very well afterwards. It’s a standing joke amongst my friends about how horrendous I look when I get off, even when I’ve done very little (red in the face, dripping with sweat and out of breath)

      I have an auto-immune disease and everything generally gets put down to that so when I mention it to the GP, I get told it’s likely just a symptom of that and the fact that my blood pressure verges on a bit low all the time.

      Doesn’t anyone else have this problem and is there anything I can do to help it?

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      Have you investigated POTS?

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      Go back to your GP.

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      I have EDS and POTS and I have been told to have three to five grams of salt a day with 2-3 litres of fluids. POTS gives me all the symptoms you have described if I don’t drink enough or have enough salt. POTS commonly occurs in people with other autoimmune problems, like EDS and Hashimotos, as I have understood it. I certainly wouldn’t add salt without consulting a doctor, mind.

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      I would try and see a different GP for a second opinion. I found my GP got an idea that my heart problems were all down to anxiety, saw a different GP who has sent me for loads of tests and it turns out that its not anxiety or stress. Not saying you have anything like that but another persons opinion is sometimes different !

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      My daughter has low blood pressure, faints/goes dizzy on standing and cannot cope with the heat. She’s been told to eat more salt and they’ve monitored her heart a couple of times but she’s not been offered the tilt table test which I think she needs. I hope you get somewhere with your GP.

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        This is interesting and I suffer the same! I used to faint a lot when I was younger/a teenager and don’t so much anymore but I can feel the symptoms so am better at stopping it. Can’t stand without doing anything for any length of time though as I feel faint and if I get too hot I faint!

        I was tested for anaemia when I was a kid but that’s all the doctor checked. Recently my doctor mentioned the low blood pressure but didn’t seem overly concerned…

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        I think my daughter has developed techniques for avoiding a full-on faint over the years but she still gets very dizzy sometimes which worries me. She sometimes tests low for B12 and can become anemic too. Apparently, she has been offered the tilt table test but they said it wasn’t very pleasant so she’s thinking about it. Unfortunately, she had to turn down a job that she really wanted in a lovely new nursery (plants) because she felt faint just walking into the glasshouses and knew she’d never cope in really hot weather like we’ve got now. Such a shame as they told her they were gutted that she’d had to turn it down because she was ‘perfect’ for the job

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      Do you have pupils of different sizes?

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        Anyone with low blood pressure who also has odd size pupils is quite likely to have Holmes Adie. The other main features are intolerance of heat, excessive sweating and lack of reflexes, particularly in the Achilles. As I’ve got older I’ve now developed breathing difficulties which are currently being explored to see what drugs will work to stop paroxysmal coughing that mimics asthma. Doctors in this country have never been interested in my low blood pressure, but I was told that in Germany treatment would be offered to bring it up to normal. I listen to my body and eat salt every time I get a craving for it, several times a week. Today it was on roast nuts and square crisps

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        Huh. That sounds like me. OH noticed my wonky pupils and I’ve always seen stars and had a head rush on getting up quickly. But I’m also hypermobile which seems to come with its own gang of weird symptoms. *shrug*

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      Have they ever given you an ECG?

      Try another GP or if it gets really bad rock up to A&E.

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      You probably either have POTS or postural hypotension or a combination of both, you can do a version of a tilt table at a GP’s and then if that seems positive can be referred for proper testing. You can also improve it via exercises like this

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      I have low blood pressure, usually in the region of 100/56 and it causes me no problems with dizzyness or fainting unless I’m at the dentists and especially with extractions. Because of this GP isn’t bothered but with your symptoms I would expect them to take action. I cant remember what they said they could do if it did become a problem but there was definitely options, that is if your symptoms are caused solely by low blood pressure, and if not they need looked at separately.

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      My blood pressure is always a little low or on the low side of normal, I do get light headed sometimes and I have to keep myself hydrated or I get dizzy the only it’s ever been an issue is after surgery when I am liable to be faint.

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      Thanks everyone, I think I better go back to the GP about it as it’s been quite bad today and I had what I can only assume was some kind of attack of it at lunchtime.

      I’m not familiar with POTS really, but it does sound very similar. I’m not aware that I have a racing heartbeat though.

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