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      The best quality prints on t shirts always comes from screen printing! However there are simply something that Direct garment printing can do that screen printing cannot.

      For instance dtg printing is just like printing an image onto a piece of paper depending on how good the dtg printer is you can get some really vivid images using this technique and FAST! Plus photos and images with lots of complexity and colours can be a impossible to print using screen printing techniques and because dtg printing is so close to the quality of screen prints many company’s choose to use this technique for personalized t shirt printing.

      However there are some drawbacks meaning dtg printing isn’t for everyone and cost is one of the biggest drawbacks. Unlike screen printing inks used with dtg printers are very expensive and often there is a lot of wasted ink especially if the dtg machine is hardly used and the inks are left to dry in the ink cartridges. Storing the ink in conditions too cold or too hot can also cause the ink to ruin and cause waste. This is not the case with cheap but good screen printing ink. Even if you use to much ink and find there there is a lot spare after screen printing you are able to tip the ink back into a container and reuse it. Many dtg printers will use inkjet technology to print onto the garment this has its drawbacks as with screen printing the ink just sits on top of the fibres of the clothing and doesn’t sink into the fibres as much as with screen printing this means designs will often crack and fade more easily than screen prints. Dtg garment printers also have a lot harder time printing on dark clothing too (however very expensive printers and inks have beaten this problem however a two process print is needed whereby white ink is used as a base colour first and then colour is then printed onto the base white colour). Dtg printers also need constant maintenance to ensure that they print perfectly every time…

      Despite the many draw backs to using a dtg printer there are a lot of positives and there is yet to be a quicker and more reliable way to print vivid and colourful images onto a t shirt!

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