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      Has anyone here had experience of buying and using a motorhome? OH works long hours and we find it difficult to get away for a week, let alone a fortnight. We are also embarking on two business projects so will have even less leisure time for the foreseeable future.

      Since we can’t go jetting off for a year or two OH thought it might be nice to start taking long weekend breaks in the UK and we originally considered a static caravan but, given that we like to visit new places, we decided that might be too limiting so we’ve been looking at motorhomes today. We’ve found one that we both like but we are complete beginners at this and would welcome some advice please if anyone has any to give.

      p.s. I’ve looked online for advice and the first site that came up was Saga which made me feel very old I can’t believe we’ve reached the age when caravanning seems like a good idea but we have so we may as well embrace it!

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      I sold mine about 18 months ago as it was not getting used enough. Had some great trips to the north of Scotland with my sis in her MH. We had solar panels so we could go ‘wild camping’ but it was getting harder to find quiet spots. There are some great forums for advice and help, Motorhomefacts and motorhomefun are the 2 I used to frequent. I would advice to look at as many different layouts of mh’s and see what you think would suit you the best. Good luck in your new adventure.

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      We rented one for a weeks holiday and were somewhat disappointed. First big thing was not having transport when you get to the campsite, plus getting supplies is a challenge as they’re too big to park! You couldnt really shower in the van, and found everything a little cramped. We bought a caravan instead, a bit more space plus once it’s parked up you can get to other places.

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      There’s a firm near me who are selling off their entire fleet at the end of the summer and I was seriously thinking of buying one. Perhaps we could get an extra discount for two?

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      My parents have always had a motorhome. They are away in it at the moment.
      Think they paid about £30k for it and they love it. They have no problem taking it out and about once on site, they don’t feel it restricts them much at all.

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