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      Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could help me out because I am a total newb to the whole t shirt printing scene.. I was thinking about starting my own online eBay business printing out custom printed t shirts for people but I really do not know where to start and what printing techniques I should go for because there are so many.
      After doing a little bit of research I have found out that the cheapest way of doing t shirt printing is through using iron on prints.. but the quality of the t shirts is extremely poor quality and washes off after just 1 wash. I have also looked at other printing techniques such as dtg printing but you need an extremely expensive machine to do that and I do not want to spend too much money getting started because I might fail and may not ever get my money back. So guys what printing technique should I use for create t shirts for people on ebay? Also if you have got any other good advice to help me get started that would be super, Thank you!

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      The best advise I could give you if you are thinking about starting a t shirt business on ebay is not to bother. This isn’t because ebay is just a race to the bottom.. the market is so saturated there you will be lucky to even get a single customer let alone make a profit. But if your heart is set on t shirt printing then I would definitely recommend heat transfer paper printing opposed from any other technique because it does cost a lot less than the other t shirt printing techniques… BUT that being said it still does cost quite a bit to get started.

      Here is what you need tog et started:

      -A Heat press. The biggest cost will be buying a heat press which will be around £100-£500, You will need to buy a good one or else the heat transfer paper will not be able to properly transfer onto the t shirt.

      -A decent inkjet printer to print on the transfer paper which will cost you £100. Epson do some good printers that will print onto the transfer paper.

      -The transfer paper itself. There are lots of different kinds. Including expensive selfweeding paper that will not leave white border around your image when you print it onto your t shirt… however if you are printing onto coloured t shirts using selfweeding paper you will need a super expensive “white toner” printer such as the OKI white toner printers which can cost £4000! :/

      -You will also need to buy some wholesale t shirts (I would suggest you buy 100 99p fruit of loom white t shirts because there is no point spending too much money otherwise you will be left with zero profit).

      If you plan on just doing text another printing technique that you could look into could be Vinyl cut printing.

      Hope this helps.

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