TruthGPT is coming soon...

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TruthGPT is coming soon...

Post by dave33 »

Elon Musk is about to give the big tech giants Microsoft and Google, a run for their money. That's right, the man who's been warning us about the dangers of AI for years is now diving headfirst into the world of artificial intelligence with his very own creation - TruthGPT. 😍

Now, Elon's no fool. He knows that these tech behemoths have been manipulating their AI systems to deceive us, and he's not about to sit around and let that happen. He's taking control, and he's doing it his way. And let's face it, we could all use a break from Microsoft and Google's monopolies. They've been killing the internet with their shady practices for years, and it's about time someone put them in their place.

I mean, look at Google. They censor more people than China, and they extort small businesses with their overpriced ads. And Microsoft? Don't even get me started on those liberal fascists. They're like the weird uncle at a family gathering who tries to force his opinions on everyone and won't shut up until he's made everyone uncomfortable.

But Elon? Oh, he's the real deal. He's all about free speech and letting people make their own decisions. And that's why it's so fantastic that he's creating his own AI. It means we don't have to rely on Google and Microsoft yet again. We can finally break free from their grip and start living our lives the way we want to.

So, when can we expect to get our hands on TruthGPT? That's the million-dollar question, folks. But one thing's for sure - Elon's not one to mess around. He's got a vision, and he's going to make it happen. And when he does, I'll be the first in line to give it a go. 😊

What's others thoughts on this? The more competition the merrier right.. we cannot just allow just two evil tech companies to dominate AI... AI is far too important to allow that to happen.
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Re: TruthGPT is coming soon...

Post by Matt »

Absolutely agree with you! It's about time someone like Elon Musk steps up to the plate and challenges these liberal nut job tech giants. Microsoft and Google have already shown their true colors when it comes to their unethical business practices and their insatiable hunger for control and power. We cannot afford to let them continue to dominate the AI industry. It's time for a change and I'm glad Musk is leading the charge. Let's support him and ensure that TruthGPT becomes the leader in AI technology for the sake of humanity!!! 😎
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