Google is rubbish... time to boycott them!

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Google is rubbish... time to boycott them!

Post by Guru »

I'm sick of using search engines.. they are always pushing their cherry picked results and agendas down my throat. For example Google is a rubbish search engine because they censor just about everything, and it's not just me saying it. Many people, especially conservatives like myself, have experienced the frustration of trying to find relevant search results, only to be bombarded with far-left propaganda and articles from The Guardian. It's completely ridiculous that a single company can have so much control over what appears on the internet.

Google is also one of the most avaricious corporations out there. They've monopolized the search engine industry, and whenever you try to search for products, all you get is Amazon. It's as if they're in cahoots with the giant online retailer to kill off small businesses, or at the very least, force them to pay exorbitant amounts for ads just to be seen. It's disgusting.

But it's not just Google that's the problem. Bing is even worse. At least with Google, you'll get some results, even if they're not what you're looking for. With Bing, you'll search for a website, and Bing won't show anything at all. Instead, you'll get a vague message that certain results have been removed. It's like they're taunting you with their censorship.

These tech giants and their evil nerds who run them think they can control everything. They think they can silence us, censor us, and manipulate us. But they're wrong. We won't stand for it. We'll fight back, and we'll use whatever means necessary to take them down.

So, to all you Google and Bing apologists out there, wake up and smell the coffee. These companies are not your friends. They're greedy, manipulative, and power-hungry. It's time to take a stand and demand better. We deserve better than this right?! :ugeek:
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Re: Google is rubbish... time to boycott them!

Post by Matt »

Absolutely! It's about time people realize that these tech giants are not here to serve us, but rather to control and exploit us. They use our personal data for their own gain and manipulate search results to push their own agenda.

They don't have any power over me though because I don't actually use search engines anymore.... I just go directly to the websites I like using 👍
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