Your feet are designed to support your entire skeletal system, this means that if you have an imbalance in your feet it can affect your posture and cause misalignments in your body. This can affect your gait and overtime cause unnecessary stress and subsequently pain on different parts of your body such as your lower back. Imbalances in your feet can cause the vertebrae in your spine to become misaligned and put under additional pressure and strain. Orthotic insoles can be worn to help correct biomechanical imbalances in your feet and help to correct your gait. Insoles do this using orthotic compression technology and in built arch support that helps to reposition your feet and prevent improper movement of the feet. This will help to ease foot aswell as lower back pain as a result. Aswell as wearing orthotic insoles when suffering from lower back pain it is recommended that you practice good posture and to perform regular back stretches to help strengthen your back and ease your pain.

  • Orthotic arch support insoles for back pain

    Are you suffering from lower back pain? A pair of orthotic insoles maybe just what you need to help ease your pain!

    Lower back pain can be caused by biomechanical imbalances in your feet.  Your feet are the supporting foundations of your entire anatomy. If you have an imbalance in your feet then these imbalances can affect the alignment of the vertebrae that make up your spine and can overtime damage your back.

    • Orthotic insoles are designed to help improve the function of your feet and help to prevent ¬†biomechanical imbalances such as over pronation and supination that can cause stress on your back from occurring.
    • Shock absorption added to the insoles will help shock from resonating up through to your back and damage it.
    • Inbuilt arch support designed to alleviate pressure on your arch helping to ease foot and heel pain.
    • Prevents the build up of pressure underneath your feet by spreading this pressure evenly across your whole foot. This helps to stop your feet from getting tired and aching after a long day on your feet.
    • Improves the stability and balance of your feet via heel cup technology cupping around your foot preventing sprains and injuries to the foot and ankle.
    • Added metatarsal pads built into these insoles are designed to protect the metatarsal bones in your feet and support the ball of your foot preventing pain and discomfort on the ball of your foot.
    • Aswell as wearing orthotic insoles to ease your back pain it is also recommended to do back stretching exercises and to practice good posture.
    • If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with the shoe insoles then you can return them to us and you will receive a full refund.