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Our inspired range of clothing and gear features…

The fashion range

High quality men and women’s unique shirts and jackets designed by our top designers making them different and something nobody else will be wearing! With our fashion we don’t plaster our brand name everywhere we can as we believe fashion should not be a marketing tool, our fashion isn’t about trends which makes everybody look the same we instead think that fashion should be something to help you enhance your very own individuality and to not make you one of the masses.


We also stock some of the best sport and fitness gear on the market which can help you to either ease pain of a previous injury or can help to prevent an injury all together by keeping your bones joints, ligaments muscles and mind at ease when you play sport. Even if you do not play sports you can still take advantage of our gear. Fro instance our footcare range can help those of you who have suffer from tried and sore feet after a long day on them. Our footcare products such as our insoles help to ease pressure and correct muscles imbalances that can cause strain and tension to damage your feet. By protecting and supporting your feet better you can help eliminate this pressure and stop aches and pains and make wearing your favorite shoes more comfortable.